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by ter Hürne

ter Hürne Hywood Noblesse Collection, 2375x270x11mm

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✔ Water resistant
✔ Pressure resistant
✔ Scratch resistant
✔ Dirt-repellent
✔ Waterproof click connection
✔ Suitable for humid rooms
✔ Floating or glued installation
✔ Micro bevel all round

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Hywood comes from the world of wood, because it is made of wood - through and through. It is real, it is valuable, it is naturally beautiful. And above all, it is sensual. It has everything that you simply want from wood.

And yet Hywood is clearly superior to a floor made of wood, because Hywood uses a combination of three technologies - first and foremost Wood-Powder. Together they make it highly resistant - to water, deep scratches, pressure marks and dirt. Against everything that a floor has to perform on a daily basis when you live intensively on it and with it.

Real wood hybrid flooring
100% Made in Germany

Extra wide plank brusehd
2375 mm x 270 mm x 11 mm (length x width x thickness)

Floor Family skirting boards or minileiste

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Resistant to water, scratches, dirt and pressureYour natural wood floor with super power

3 protective heroes against 4 dangers

Your floor becomes a playground or a dance floor? Hywood will do almost anything, thanks to its three protective heroes, Hywood is highly durable. Their names: Wood-Powder, Aqua Seal and Nature Protec!

In everyday life, the floor is exposed to many dangers: animal claws or children's toys can cause scratches. Falling objects, chair castors and heavy furniture can sometimes cause pressure marks. Dirt accumulates in pores and grooves. And above all, there is the risk of moisture damage from liquids if a glass of water falls from the table or something is spilled when watering the plants.


Highly resistant to scratches, water and pressure marks

Nature Protect

Highly resistant to scratches, water and dirt

Aqua Seal

Hochbeständig gegen Wasser


Can bathe? All day!

Throw out the old prejudices: wood and water go together! But only because Hywood successfully resists it.Conventional wooden floors don't exactly love water. If something goes wrong and is not wiped up quickly, the wood soaks up and swells. Dark spots and light-coloured edges appear. Floorboard edges can bulge and cause tripping hazards. All these are unpleasant consequences if you are not careful.

Hywood is the wooden floor that stands up to water. Aqua Seal combines various technologies for all-round protection against moisture - even if the water is not immediately wiped away. In combination with Wood-Powder technology, the Nature Protec sealed surface, the high-density core and the CLICKitEASY Pro water-repellent tread, Hywood is completely water-resistant.

With Hywood, you can put your wooden floor in any room - even where it gets wet. And you can stay relaxed, because nothing will happen so quickly.


Hardened? Through and through!

Tough as nails - that's Hywood! It carries heavy cupboards without any effort. It lets chair castors glide over it without a trace. No matter what challenge it has to take on, it does not allow itself to be put under pressure.

In the course of its life, wooden floors are exposed to numerous stresses and strains. Above all, accidentally falling objects leave dents and grooves in the floor. These do not look attractive and provide opportunities for dirt to adhere. What a shame when high-quality real wood floors are irrevocably damaged because of carelessness.

Hywood is made of wood, but it offers considerable advantages over a conventional wooden floor. The innovative Wood-Powder technology ensures that Hywood is extremely resistant to unsightly pressure marks and dents. And three times more than conventional wooden floors.

Hywood is wood through and through - yet much tougher and more pressure-resistant than we've known. It can take a lot of action and is therefore recommended as an "all-rounder" throughout the house.


Scrapes? He fends them off!

If you love your wooden floor, you dread the sound of scratching. Even a small stone under the shoe or a child using mum's bunch of keys as a rattle can cause permanent damage. Hywood is ideally protected from scratches.

Floors are run over, rolled over and crossed every day. It is almost unavoidable that scratches occur. And once they are there, they are not so easy to remove.

Hywood offers all the advantages of wood, but also a convincing scratch resistance. It is the result of the interaction of two technologies: Wood-Powder and Nature Protec. The former ensures extreme hardening. The latter seals the surface and prevents micro-scratches.

So if it scratches somewhere - don't worry! Hywood is optimally protected against deep scratches and micro-scratches.


Self-cleaning? Not quite. But almost!

Cleaning is not your favourite activity? But you still like it clean and hygienic? That can be arranged, because Hywood has the integrated formula against dirt.

Visible dirt builds up because dirt collects mainly in the deeper areas of the floor. Over time, it can settle there permanently. Paradoxically, this is mainly favoured by: the mopping itself. This is because the dirt particles are distributed into every single pore, groove and crack. Over time, the floor becomes more unsightly and cleaning more difficult. It looks dirty and unhygienic. Your well-being decreases.

With our transparent Nature Protec sealant, we protect the surface of Hywood with a permanent protective layer. Dirt and moisture hardly stand a chance: they simply do not stick.

This makes Hywood easy and quick to clean. We call that easy-care. This leaves you time for the finer things in life. This means that you can enjoy your floor for a long time.