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by minileiste

minileiste SL16X2 skirting profile for adhesive vinyl, 16x23x2000mm

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✔ Dimensions: 16 x 23 x 2000mm
✔ Quick and easy assembly
✔ Made in Austria

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Sockelprofil für Bodenstärken bis 5 mm. Anschlussfuge 2 – 5 mm.

minileiste SL16X2

The SL16X2 skirting profile creates a discreet and innovative finish from flooring to wall, window(frame) or stair step - wherever connection and expansion joints have to be observed in terms of construction.

Suitable for: Adhesive vinyl

100% aluminum. Surfaces elegantly anodized (silver, titanium, black, gold) or high-quality powder-coated (white)

Individual profile bars, each 200 cm long. The profiles are simply pieced together and the corners are mitered.

Double-sided adhesive strips type STRIPE2

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Tool-free, quick and easy

The end profiles from minileiste can be installed easily , without tools and without visible fastening points : no drilling, no screwing, no hammering, no dirt, no noise, no annoyance. Irregularities in the masonry can be easily leveled out by simply attaching additional adhesive strips if necessary.

Step 1

The width of the connection joint should be between 2 and 5 mm. The thickness of the flooring must also be taken into account. Type X2 systems can be used with a minimum floor covering thickness of 2 mm up to 5 mm.

Step 2

The dimensions for the profile cuts are taken from the wall surfaces. Miter cuts for inside and outside corners are taken into account.

Step 3

The profiles are cut to length. The miter cut for inside or outside corners is made in one step. The profile is securely positioned in the cutting aid. This prevents the profile from jamming during the cutting process.

Step 4

The individual profiles are „tried on“ WITHOUT adhesive BEFORE installation. If everything fits, the profiles are removed again and gluing begins.

Step 5

The individual adhesive strips are pulled off from the adhesive sheet (observe the pull-off tab) and glued to the floor covering flush with the edge of the connection joint on the long side. The floor covering must be dry and free of dust or grease. Clean before installation if necessary. Ideal installation temperature from +15°C to +30°C.

Step 6

{"type":"root","children":[{"type":"paragraph","children":[{"type":"text","value":"Stick the adhesive strips onto the floor covering every 30 cm according to point 5. Before installing the end profiles, pull the yellow wax foil of the adhesive strips upwards at the tab."}]}]}

Step 7

Now the end profile can be guided along the wall and simply glued onto the adhesive strips. Correct positioning is important because after the first adhesive strip, the skirting board can no longer be moved parallel to the wall.

Step 8

The end profile is installed. After a brief inspection, the next section can be assembled.