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by ter Hürne

Sample ter Hürne Hywood Herringbone Collection

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✔ Water resistant
✔ Pressure resistant
✔ Scratch resistant
✔ Dirt-repellent
✔ Waterproof click connection
✔ Suitable for humid rooms
✔ Glued installation
✔ Micro bevel all round

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Hywood comes from the world of wood, because it is made of wood - through and through. It is genuine, it is of high quality, it is naturally beautiful. And above all, it is sensual. It has everything you want from wood.

And yet Hywood is clearly superior to a wooden floor, because Hywood utilises a combination of three technologies - first and foremost Wood-Powder. Together, they make it highly resistant - to water, deep scratches, pressure marks and dirt. Against everything a floor has to withstand on a daily basis if you live on it and with it intensively.
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